With the help of constraint optimization and control theory spotocles can save you up to 80%
on your cloud server costs for CI, batch, container, and preemptible workloads


  • Behind the scenes spotocles uses constraint optimization and control theory
  • Spotocles will intelligently create, start, and retire spot instances to meet desired vCPU and memory requirements
  • Default control strategies can be tuned for maximum savings or instance longevity


  • Use the default optimization and control strategies or build your own with our API
  • Libraries available in more than a dozen languages
  • Spotocles is unopinionated and can be easily integrated into your existing tools and automation pipelines


  • Each customer's contollers and optimizers are isolated on their own virtual machines
  • For extra security everything is encrypted at rest
  • Audit trail for all actions whether they occur through the web interface or the API

Beta Access

Early customers get 10% lifetime discount